School Rumble: The Flux of Love


“I love you. Just three little words…but the moment I say them, the whole world changes, like magic. Today, I’m going to say them…to you.”

-Tenma Tsukamoto


It’s the first day of the new school year, and, as Tenma says, she’s fallen in love. Cherry blossoms sway in the light breeze, and as Tenma and her sister, Yakumo, walk up to the school, they see Tenma’s love: Oji Karasuma. Tenma gushes as she says his name out loud, and Yakumo jokes that it would be “cool” if Tenma and Karasuma were in the same class. Excited over the prospect, Tenma rushes to the class lists to see which class she’s in.

This is setting up to be just another high school chick-flick-esque romance story where the boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. It’s starts off with a one-sided crush, develops through awkward experiences and friendly encounters, and, then, the big kiss at the end after a massive fight shows that all is well in the world and love conquers all. Nothing too fancy or special, right? Continue reading