Podcast Notes

Herein lie the scribblings of one FluffyWaffles when Professor Man requested answers forthwith on this an interweb blog.


1. What dost thou standest for?

The truth regardless of man’s perception or society’s shoveling of trends and hot-button non-issues.

2. Wherefore shalt thou die?

For the cause of Christ and for His kingdom. Also chicken nuggets. Those things are the bomb.

Clients From Hell and Nielsen

Looking at Clients from Hell, there are quite a few of Nielsen’s guidelines that are taken into consideration: the logo’s in the upper left, it gets straight to the content, and each post immediately throws you into each story in the first sentence with a little background information. While there virtually no images with the incident posts, they aren’t needed; and when images are necessary, they are ample and appropriate.

The site is also easy to navigate…for the most part. All the links are where you’d expect them to be, but, when looking at the blog-roll that most blogs have on their main page, it’s difficult to tell where one post ends and another one begins when scanning. A little more space or contrast between them would do the trick.

While I think Nielsen is full of crap half of the time, Clients From Hell, for the most part, does follow the tips of his that are actually useful.