School Rumble: The Flux of Love


“I love you. Just three little words…but the moment I say them, the whole world changes, like magic. Today, I’m going to say them…to you.”

-Tenma Tsukamoto


It’s the first day of the new school year, and, as Tenma says, she’s fallen in love. Cherry blossoms sway in the light breeze, and as Tenma and her sister, Yakumo, walk up to the school, they see Tenma’s love: Oji Karasuma. Tenma gushes as she says his name out loud, and Yakumo jokes that it would be “cool” if Tenma and Karasuma were in the same class. Excited over the prospect, Tenma rushes to the class lists to see which class she’s in.

This is setting up to be just another high school chick-flick-esque romance story where the boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. It’s starts off with a one-sided crush, develops through awkward experiences and friendly encounters, and, then, the big kiss at the end after a massive fight shows that all is well in the world and love conquers all. Nothing too fancy or special, right? Continue reading

The Creed of the Remnant

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We all have words we live by, but how many can say those words are worth dying for? Not metaphorically; actually facing physical death and leaving the world we know. The words of this creed may very well lead to this, but I’m not afraid. If I die, the next time I open my eyes, I’ll find that it was all worth it in the end.

How many people can say that?

Installatron’s Free Offers

Looking around on Installatron, I found a number of various apps and tools that I could download onto my domain and play with besides WordPress. Let’s give some of ‘em a try! (They’re probably free for a reason…)

1. Known (CMS)

I had never heard of Known before looking around on Installatron, and there’s a reason why: it’s boring. There’s nothing special about it; just another basic content management system/crappy blog system. You can post audio, picture, and text posts, check analytics, and install a number of social media plugins. Just like a blog. And, unlike WordPress, I can’t find any access to the HTML of the site or any useful support. Minus two points.

All of it’s themes are basic, but they manage to beat WordPress’s themes in aesthetics. And that’s only because there aren’t any! I hate default themes no matter the platform, so no points off here. That’s just my personal bias.

One good thing I can say about it is that it has a comic uploading platform, which is nice for cartoonists like me. But no other comic host can beat ComicFury, no matter how hard it tries. Especially when ComicFury gives me unlimited bandwidth, 5 urls, fast support, and full HTML and CSS access.

Ultimately, it works for a basic blog site, but since I require access to HTML and since I hate cookie-cutter web design and templates, I’ll never touch it again. Honestly, Tumblr works a whole lot better with a LOT more possibilities.

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The Crap Stop that Grew Up

Remember that one strip of highway that has everything you could ever imagine on it? A Walmart, Kmart, Kroger, almost every gas station and fast food chain imaginable, every phone carrier, countless body shops, and a Dunkin’ Donuts? And then, after all of that, there’s still more, like a Goodwill, Gamestop and retro game store, book stores, hair cutteries, Petsmart, Sams, and still after all of this you’re not even halfway down the strip yet? I lived in the subdivision twenty feet behind it for 15 years.

Shopping Center

One of the many shopping centers on the Hiram Strip.

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Hmm, let see now…I need to come up with a topic for a standalone, interactive feature article, but what to do, what to do? I could:

  • show the wonderful yet far too stressful world of independent webcomic development
  • reveal the truths of indie game development
  • shed some light on the competitive Smash Bros. scene

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Obligatory Introductory Pleasantries

Some people know me as Waffles. NPCs refer to me as Fluffles. But you may call me Joseph. Clawing my way through a New Media Arts degree, certain¬†discreet circles might refer to me as a junior. Instead of boring you with the details of why I’m taking a writing class (obviously not to improve my skills or complete a degree requirement by any stretch of the imagination (that’s preposterous!)), allow me to regale you with an advertisement of the shameless variety for a webcomic of slightly less than epic proportions:

Elmer the Eccentric

His name is Elmer, and he has a cat. When not farting up a storm during quiet meetings or tests and not being the most random person you’ve ever met, Elmer is just like you and me. This means, of course, that he’s like the majority of Southern Poly students: single. If he can find a girl that doesn’t find him insufferable, there may just be hope for us all.