Installatron’s Free Offers

Looking around on Installatron, I found a number of various apps and tools that I could download onto my domain and play with besides WordPress. Let’s give some of ‘em a try! (They’re probably free for a reason…)

1. Known (CMS)

I had never heard of Known before looking around on Installatron, and there’s a reason why: it’s boring. There’s nothing special about it; just another basic content management system/crappy blog system. You can post audio, picture, and text posts, check analytics, and install a number of social media plugins. Just like a blog. And, unlike WordPress, I can’t find any access to the HTML of the site or any useful support. Minus two points.

All of it’s themes are basic, but they manage to beat WordPress’s themes in aesthetics. And that’s only because there aren’t any! I hate default themes no matter the platform, so no points off here. That’s just my personal bias.

One good thing I can say about it is that it has a comic uploading platform, which is nice for cartoonists like me. But no other comic host can beat ComicFury, no matter how hard it tries. Especially when ComicFury gives me unlimited bandwidth, 5 urls, fast support, and full HTML and CSS access.

Ultimately, it works for a basic blog site, but since I require access to HTML and since I hate cookie-cutter web design and templates, I’ll never touch it again. Honestly, Tumblr works a whole lot better with a LOT more possibilities.

2. Gallery

Overly creative and innovative developers are the reason things like “Gallery” exist. I mean, seriously, it takes a truly special mind to come up with something so groundbreaking. It literally boasts of its originally in its name! I’m so glad I finally have a photo organization system without documentation! That’s never been done before!

Once again, there’s no access to any code, but at least this time you can upload your own favicon (the little icon next to the page title at the top of your browser). None of the settings are properly explained, either, and the administrator dashboard makes me want to vomi-excuse me, undergo emesis.

Gallery Settings



One thing it does have is the ability to create subfolders (which I have to pay for on deviantArt), and uploading photos is easier than Facebook (but, then again, uploading videos to Youtube is easier than that, and that’s really saying something)…Until you want to move ‘em around. You can’t drag and drop like you’d expect; no, you have to endure an aggravating popup menu when hovering over a thumbnail and then find the organize option from there. Oh yeah, the menu’s really small and hard to deal with, too.

Gallery Edit Photo Menu

How intuitive!

After clicking “Move to Another Album,” we can finally drag and drop…to change the order! Dragging onto an album does nothing! User-friendliness at its finest! Instead, to move to an album, you have to drag it to the left, to an obscure, text-only dropdown of the album names to transfer the photos. Finally, it works!

The conclusion: Gallery = no.

3. iTron Clock

Oh look, a useless clock! I can’t wait to let it use up valuable loading time and-holy crap it’s a clock that actually works.

Yep, you heard me. It’s a live¬†clock. Once again, no documentation, just three lines of code to add where it tells you to and you have magic number text that tells you the time. In some time zone somewhere. I guess to change it you have to figure out what all the JavaScript mumbo-jumbo it says you can edit to change things means. Eh, I’m not gonna go learn JavaScript just so I can change the time zone on a clock.

Overall, it’s pretty nifty, and unlike Known and Gallery, it doesn’t suck.

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