Obligatory Introductory Pleasantries

Some people know me as Waffles. NPCs refer to me as Fluffles. But you may call me Joseph. Clawing my way through a New Media Arts degree, certain discreet circles might refer to me as a junior. Instead of boring you with the details of why I’m taking a writing class (obviously not to improve my skills or complete a degree requirement by any stretch of the imagination (that’s preposterous!)), allow me to regale you with an advertisement of the shameless variety for a webcomic of slightly less than epic proportions:

Elmer the Eccentric

His name is Elmer, and he has a cat. When not farting up a storm during quiet meetings or tests and not being the most random person you’ve ever met, Elmer is just like you and me. This means, of course, that he’s like the majority of Southern Poly students: single. If he can find a girl that doesn’t find him insufferable, there may just be hope for us all.

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