“Ghet’Kabael” Game Proposal


In the land of Ghet’Kabael, spaghetti is as precious as water is to Earth. So precious, in fact, that it’s the source of all life in the land. Some races need more to survive; others need less.

Ghet’Kabael is similar in nature to that of the land of Azeroth (World of Warcraft) in that it’s a fantasy world full of magic, combat, alliances, factions, and many a terrible foe. The peoples of the land lack a unifying force, so war is unending. Giant tapeworms ravage the land, their destruction rampant. They don’t listen to reason; all will be consumed until nothing remains but the tapeworm race.

That is, of course, unless a hero or two step in and put an end to their conquest. But the devout servants of the worms will arise to silence the heroes of the people and help to put an end to the land of Ghet’Kabael once and for all. Two sides will clash, and the fate of all of the land rests on the shoulders of your choice: preservation or a new world order.

But, if you aren’t careful, you won’t even get the chance to decide because all you know is that you’ve woken up in a dark forest, the leaves on the trees a wondrous blue. Overhead, three moons loom; one yellow, one beige, and the third, notably smaller than the others, blood red. Your head snaps to the right as you hear the rustle of the underbrush. Something is there; watching. Waiting. A brisk wind pricks the nape of your neck…

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