Paradigm Shift

“Good golly gosh, that was such a great movie/literary work of indeterminate title! I would love to tell people about how enjoyable it was, but alas, I can’t: there isn’t a new medium.”  Person Guy

Fret not, Person Guy, there is hope! In my travels, I have heard of such a medium, something that breaks the century-old tradition of “take my work and end it there.” No longer do we have to only consume content made by those who have big names or budgets. No longer do we have to be like Hedgehog the Sonic:

Old Media

Original image © Tyson Hesse.

Now we can talk about that content freely and do whatever we want with it! We can finally have discussions, dissections, and everyday critiques of content and not just hear the “professional opinion(s)” that appear on TV and in the papers thanks to this newfangled thing called the “internet.” But that’s not the end of it; now we can even make and share our own content, just like those fancy producers do.

And the best part about all of it is that it’s available anytime, so long as we can connect to the internet. It’s also interactive: clicking on a link will take me somewhere or inputting some command can change the landscape of the content I’m viewing. I tried pressing a button on a book. Nothing happened. It was sad.

This new “interwebs” medium is far superior and separates content generated there from anything made in olden fashion: movies, books, papers, TV. There’s no interaction: we consume. Sure, we can crumple up a newspaper, but it’s not quite as engaging as blowing up an aliens with the click of a mouse or running from the terror of Slendytubby.

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  1. Haha love the Sonic pic, and also more importantly (I guess?) love your definition of New Media. I feel like you hit it spot on.

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